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Madison Scott

Madison  Scott
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      Madison’s journey began in Annapolis, Maryland, but her heart found its true home in Charleston. Growing up as the daughter of a retired Clemson football player, she experienced the excitement of game days. Her summers, however, were spent exploring the beauty of Kiawah, where the Low Country lifestyle, exquisite architecture, and delectable cuisine left an unforgettable mark on her soul. The dream of calling Charleston home came true when Madison earned an academic and soccer scholarship at Charleston Southern University, and she’s been rooted in the city ever since.

      Madison’s journey includes obtaining a degree in Elementary Education. While Madison initially embarked on a career in pediatrics as a Medical Technician, her passion for working with kids and families led her to pursue her true calling—Real Estate. Driven by a genuine love for the city and a desire to help families find their perfect homes, Madison transitioned seamlessly into the real estate world.

      Beyond the world of real estate, Madison is an admirer of Charleston’s culinary scene, a dedicated player and coach in club soccer, and an active member of Seacoast Church. Her commitment extends beyond her professional life to her personal passions, where she finds joy in spending quality time with friends, family, and her furry four-legged friend, Cora.

      To Madison, Charleston isn’t just a place; it’s a canvas for building a foundation and creating enduring memories. Driven by her experiences with kids and families, Madison is passionate about helping others find their forever homes where they can build lasting memories and create a backdrop for the beautiful tapestry of life. In her eyes, there’s no better place in the world to call home. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply exploring the possibilities, Madison’s dedication to real estate will help you navigate the intricate landscape of Charleston’s property market with unwavering commitment, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

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