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Benjamin Bunting

Benjamin  Bunting
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      Benjamin Bunting is a dedicated real estate agent and proud Charleston resident. He brings a unique passion and understanding to the city’s property market. His journey to Charleston began after years of vacationing on Folly Beach, where he developed a deep love for the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. This love eventually inspired Benjamin to move here with his fiancé, our two adorable dogs, Loki and Eli, and their cat, Luna. Embracing Charleston as his home made for a natural transition to real estate, driven by a desire to help others discover and settle in this beautiful city.

      His approach to real estate is deeply personal and informed by his own relocation experience. Benjamin understands the nuances of moving to a new place and strives to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for his clients. Whether it’s finding a family home, a beachfront property, or a cozy downtown apartment, he is committed to fulfilling his clients’ dreams with enthusiasm and expertise.

      Outside of his professional life, he is an avid explorer of Charleston’s scenic landscapes, from its bustling city streets to its serene beaches. He is also a shark tooth and fossil hunter, a hobby that allows him to connect with the area’s natural history and share unique insights with those interested in the local environment. Some of you may even recognize him as a Low Country Fossil Hunter on social media.

      Benjamin’s love for Charleston and its community is at the heart of everything he does. As your real estate agent, he is not just helping you find a house; he is helping you find a home in a city that he is proud to call my own.

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